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WildTech Corporation manufacturers and represents only the highest quality, field tested and most technologically advanced products for the outdoors (click on ABOUT US). Our flagship products, FireTacks and FireTape, set a new trail marker industry standard for brightness, versatility, quality, safety and stealth. They are high tech, yet simple and affordable. There is nothing to burn out or pollute the environment. Excellence was improved further with the 2003 introduction of Diamond Bright FireTacks and Stealth Bright FireTacks. HIDE your trails so only YOU can see them.

Check the "FireTacks" category for NEW Geocache Combo Kit, GeoCombo NT, and Geocache Mini-Combo Kit. We added these special "hide your trail" super bright trail markers packages especially for Geocachers, and hunters will love them too because used on public land, no one else will find your trail with our Stealthy FireTacks ! See our TRAIL TALK page for customer feedback on our Stealth FireTacks. The smallest mini mag light or even a pinch LED light will light up your FireTacks so you can find you way.

WildTech's commitment to excellence means greater success, satisfaction and safety for our customers whether you use our products for HUNTING, GEOCACHE, PAINTBALL, night riding, marking fences, driveways and more. We guarantee you will be happy with your purchase, or your money will be cheerfully refunded.

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  • 3D Blaze - Night Shot

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  • FireTacks in Action

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  • FireTape Lights Your Way

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